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How to Make: A Watercolor Monstera Leaf with Fondant and Edible Paint

How to make a watercolor monstera fondant leaf with edible paint that can be used on cupcakes, sugar cookies and cakes.



    1. Sprinkle cornstarch.
    2. Roll out fondant to at least ⅛ inch thick.
    3. Coat monstera cookie cutter in cornstarch.
    4. Press cookie cutter down firmly.
    5. Scrape the fondant off the edges of the cookie cutter.
    6. Gently push out the fondant.
    7. Brush off any cornstarch.
    8. Carve in the lines.
    9. Shake edible paint bottle very well.
    10. Add edible paint to a tray.
    11. Dilute with alcohol and mix well.
    12. Dab paint on fondant and move the paint around to your liking.
    13. Make sure to stir paint well before each dip.

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